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                  June 9, 2024

                  Following the outrage generated most recently by the needless death of George Floyd in Minneapolis, and informal discussions among faculty and students.  Anthropology departments nationwide and even more departments here at KU are issuing statements in support of these principles, I think it appropriate to be on the record as standing with victims of discrimination and racial violence. 

                  The KU Anthropology Department shares the following statement which unequivocally states our commitment to social justice, and elimination of racial bias in law enforcement, the criminal justice system, and American society.

                  Thank you.


                  Dennis H. O'Rourke, PhD
                  Foundation Distinguished Professor
                  Department of Anthropology
                  University of Kansas
                  1415 Jayhawk Blvd., 635 Fraser Hall
                  Lawrence,  KS   66045-7540
                  voice:    785.864.2642
                  fax:        785.864.5224






                  Congratulations to Daniel Sarvestani, a doctoral student in anthropology, on receiving a Pre-Dissertation Travel Grant Award from KU International Affairs.  Daniel will collect preliminary data to better explore how notions of cultural identity, belonging and indigeneity have developed in relation to Indigenous Peoples Rights Discourses among the Maya Chorti peoples of Honduras. Pre-Dissertation Travel Grants support six- to eight-week trips for preliminary dissertation field activities taking place in Latin America.

                  Upcoming Anthropology Conferences:

                  American Anthropological Association (AAA) 116th Annual Meeting - St. Louis, MO, November 18 - 22, 2024.

                  American Association of Physical Anthropologist shadowrocket免费节点 - Los Angeles, CA, April 15 - 18, 2024.

                  Anthropological Plains Conference, 78th Annual Meeting, Boulder, CO, November 4 -79, 2024.

                  Society for American Anthropology (SAA) 85th Annual Meeting - 苹果iOS小火箭(Shadowrocket)在线下载安装 | 流年,谁给过 ...:2021-4-22 · 在写这篇苹果iOS小火箭(Shadowrocket)在线下载安装 之前,我去百度和谷歌了很多关于苹果 苹果iOS小火箭( Shadowrocket )在线安装 的文章 ,其中大部分都是需要安装后登录他伔给的ID之后才能正常使用,感觉很麻烦。我先是研究了在线安装IPA ...

                  Society for Applied Anthropology (SfAA) 80th Annual Meeting - Albuquerque, NM, March 17 - 21, 2024.




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                  Dr.Raff's Article

                  Statement on Human Remains Research

                  Royal Anthropological Institute's Code of Practice for Forensic Anthropology

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